Privacy Policy

Who we are

The Counter-AI Collective site, is a community-driven news site specialized in all things related to the adverse affects of contemporary AI usage in all imaginable fields as well as the possibility to defend against their growing and intrusive usage around the Globe. The founder of the site is Andras Korvin, you can check my LinkedIn page here for more info about myself.

The Counter-AI Collective is a growing community, whom are involved in the related research or the operations of this site in one way or another. We are always welcoming new Members, drop us a line on our Contact Us page if you are interested in the counter-AI topic and we’ll discuss it further.

Content Policy

We aim for becoming the most informative site there is concerning Counter-Artificial Intelligence information and news. We are already the first such site and as of now we have a growing number of unique articles, nowhere else to be found.

Our Content Policy therefore supports our desire to be a quality source for professionals and casual readers alike. For this reason we only publish news and articles that are supplemented with multiple and veryfiable sources. We flat-out deny to involve ourselves in groundless conspiracy theories and unfounded allegations, no matter how widespread these are.

If you are interested in penning article on the Counter-AI Collective site, please contact us and we can discuss things.

Comment Policy : the longdawn rules

The Counter-AI Collective uses our custom (but freely available) longdawn rules which drives intelligent discussion and weeds out hate speech and other abusive communication. Read here about what it is and how it is implemented – or how could be used for your own purposes besides the Counter-AI Collective site.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Personal data, such as name, email address, personal account preferences; and technical data, such as IP address and information about cookies are collected on the site – if you register on the site or willingly provide these while posting comments and/or messages. Personal data is also generated from technical processes such as contact forms, comments, cookies, analytics, and third party embeds. Legally, this costitutes for active consent the user has given.

There is no collection and retention of sensitive personal data, such as data concerning health.


Commenting needs no registration and apart from the IP address and some technical data (such as browser user agent specifications your browser provides) we store no other data about these interactions. If you register a user with the Counter-AI Collective site the personal data will be the same that you willingly provide during the registration process and/or provide for your User Profile settings. Legally, this costitutes for active consent the user has given.


All uploaded files are usually publicly accessible. We provide no anonymous file hosting services.

Contact forms

If you decide to contact us the information (such as name, email address and your IP address) will be stored along with your message. Legally, this costitutes for active consent the sender of the meassage has given.


Given the location of the site’s owner and the physical location of data storage, our cookie and cookie consent policy reflects the regulations set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive (EPD) of the European Union –  ( read here more about what these are and how it regulates your rights and our responsibilities).

Given the technical and legal complexity of this please read further on the detailed Cookie Policy page here.


We use Google Analytics services to keep track of the number of visitors and their geographic location of our readers. Of course there are heaps of more data that could be collected by Google, please read further please read further on the detailed Cookie Policy page here.

Who we share your data with

We do not share your data apart from those services we are dependent on, such as the hosting provider (their privacy statement here), DNS providers and some third parties describen in detail on the detailed Cookie Policy page here.

How long we retain your data

We retain personal data collected or processed by the web site for an undefiniable length of time given as long as your comment is viewable for example, your handle, etc. would be visible. As for audit logs generated for security and accountability reasons, these are retained according to the volume of incoming traffic, but generally not longer than 6 months, depending on the rotation of such logs.

What rights you have over your data

Your rights concerning of the personal data we process are the right to be informed what data we are storing, to ask for an export of such data for portability and to ask for permant deletion of your data. You can invoke these rights by an express demand for us to do so, by email, by message (if registered and logged in). Of course if we delete your data once and for all we are no longer able to provide these data for any reasons whatsoever.

Where we send your data

We do not send your data to anyone, with the exception of three cases:

  1. In case of an inquiry of law enforcement organizations or legal authorities we will comply with their rightful inquiries without challenging their rights to do so. The rightfullness of such inquiries are determined by the legal evaluation of their requests case-by-case.
  2. Given our technical and legal dependence on our hosting provider and your dependency on your Internet Service Provider and all hops between these when you visit the Counter-AI Collective site a lot of data might be and surely are collected and recorded. Apart from our hosting service (their privacy statement here) we can’t possibly identify these players, but we have to warn you that browsing generates a lot of such generated and recorded data – even more so if you keep on logged in to web-based services while accessing other sites, pages, etc.
  3. Finally, based on the use of cookies there are data travelling to and fro a number of services – as detailed on the Cookie Policy page here.

Contact information

For privacy-specific concerns, you can contact us here, if doing so, please specify in the drop-down box “Privacy-specific inquiry or concerns.

How we protect your data

We took a number of measures to protect your data.  Based on our Privacy Impact Assessment we employ a number of security and technical measures, such as encryption; two factor authentication; paid IT security services and measures such as staff training in data protection.

What data breach procedures we have in place

We have paid professional services – based on a Service Level Agreement – in place to deal with data breaches, either potential or real, as well as an internal reporting system and a contact mechanism.

What third parties we receive data from

The Counter-AI Collective site receives no data about users from third parties, including advertisers.

What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data

The Counter-AI Collective site provides no service and engages in no pratice which includes automated decision making – for example, allowing customers to apply for credit, or aggregating their data into an advertising profile.