The People’s Republic Collects International Call Logs. Yes, Hacking is Involved.

Lately a few int’l organizations and national authorities warned telcos that a PRC-linked team targets them. The reason, this time, is not snooping hi-tec industrial secrets but to

gather call logs of ordinary people and businesses alike.

The likely reason is to build a dataset of connections between people, which points to a disturbing goal: to prepare for being able to access all the World’s data and being able to process it too.

Or maybe to find out who ordered that undelivered Domino’s 4-cheese the other day.

So, according to CrowdStrikean advanced network of digital spies with a nexus to Chinese interests has successfully compromised parts of the global telecommunications network, in some cases allowing access to subscriber information, call metadata, text messages and other data“. We couldn’t have written this more tellingly, that’s for sure.

The “highly specific nature” of the attacks seemingly insisted to the pros that the People’s Republic is after some people here and there.

Well, whichever way it is, every nation state and thosuands of enterprises are doing this, only CrowdStrike does not there for every victim of such insinuations.

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