All Citizens of Argentina Have Their Data Stolen

In what presumably is a World first, the complete ID card database of Argentina has been copied / leaked / put up for sale.

The database involved in the alleged breach is called the Registro Nacional de las Personas (RENAPER), which basically is the central ID database of the interior ministry.

According to reports, the alleged hackers provided proof of the access by publishing personally identifiable information of some 44 Argentine celebs, like World-renowned soccer star Lionel Messi.

After tweeting and posting about the heist a mere three days passed and the Argentine authorities came to the conclusion that they can’t deny stuff and finally came up with a communique acknowledging the leak.

It should be mentioned that the breach is likely a good nomination for a Guiness first:

First nation state ever to lose all data of its citizenry. Nice. Also the first to provide ALL data to ID card faking.

Actually, according to a sample provided by the alleged hacker on a dark web forum, the information they have includes full names, home addresses, birth dates, gender info, ID card issuance and expiration dates, labor identification codes, ID numbers used in a host of gov’t registers, and gov’t photo IDs.

Argentina currently has about 45 million citizens and the hacker claimed to have all the stuff.

This is the second major security breach in the country’s history after the Gorra Leaks in 2017 and 2019 when hacktivists leaked the personal details of Argentinian politicians and police forces.


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