Former Google Executive Says AI Researchers are Trying to ‘Create God’

Mr. Mo Gawdat, formerly the Chief Business Officer for Google’s moonshot organization, which was called Google X at the time, issued his warning in a new interview with The Times.

In it, he said that he believes that artificial general intelligence (AGI), the sort of all-powerful, sentient AI seen in science fiction like Skynet from “The Terminator,” is inevitable — and that once it’s here, humanity may very well find itself staring down an apocalypse brought forth by godlike machines.

There’s no shortage of AI fearmongerers in the tech industry — Elon Musk has repeatedly warned the world about the dangers of AI someday conquering humanity, for example. But that kind of speculative outlook somewhat glosses over the real hazards and harms linked to the AI we’ve already built.

For instance, facial recognition and predictive policing algorithms have caused real harm in underserved communities. Countless algorithms out there continue to propagate and codify institutional racism across the board. Those are problems that can be solved through oversight and regulation — but you wouldn’t know that if you, like Gawdat, think of AI development as the inevitable birth of a vengeful god.

With present day cheering for everything AI it is however still a rare sight to have someone speaking up about the shadier side of the AI development.

“Creating God” – it is the millennia-old dream and game of both long bygone crews like the Illuminati and the MK ULTRA team and still in-operation groups like the Google and Facebook.

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