Chatting With a Lost Love: the Story of a Deceased Fiancée and the AI

In an ubelieveable, yet true story a loving man recreated his lost love using an AI to build a chatbot – trained on the girl’s replies in previous conversations.

In what many news sites now call “the Jessica Story” a man, whose name is Joshua Barbeau, built a chatbot based on Elon Musk’s super Project December AI using datasets generated from Jessica’s very own words and expressions.

Jessica passed away in 2012 and her fiancée kept on thinking about her ever since, eventually dwelving into an unbelieveably romantic footing, where the deceased girl kin of became resurrected – to an extent that it is now possible to chat with her, alas with her AI counterpart. And it only came with a price tag of 5$ to start using the AI driving the feat: the GPT-3.

The Project December GPT-3 AI is a so-called “large language model“, meaning that there are larger datasets involved than the Wikipedia – in fact way larger:

“…assembled from an analysis of half a trillion words, including the text of Wikipedia, billions of web pages and thousands of books that likely represent much of the Western canon of literature.” -according to the San Fransisco Chronicle.

But with most stories related to the AI, there is always two sides to the coin. While it is unquestionnable that reviving or keeping alive a human’s soul is a good thing (of course there are those whom fearing for resurrecting people like Hitler or Mao) but the thing is that the technology is pretty much able to mimic any one of us. It is able to fake our thoughts and with a little help of our friends it will soon be a technique to disrupt human communications and co-operation by mounting man-in-the-middle attacks by intercepting amd altering our written words.

As of now it is done by a manual way, by carefully editing both parties’ chat lines – by intelligence agencies but also by users of what euphemistically called “spouseware” or “stalkerware” – that in other words are commercially available spyware applications.

Add to the equation some voice faking, some visual fakingvisual faking and the recipe is ripe enough to make things very uncomfortable for those targeted.

And this is where we are at now.

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