Good News: Open-Source Hardware Actually Exists

Perhaps sometimes it seems that the shady news overweighting the better ones, but to entertain you with a bit of a hope into the future, here’s a brief rundown of what  hardwares are available for device builders nowadays. To check out the latest, you could pay a visit to the sites of the Open Source Hardware Association, the Observatory of Open Source Hardware and the Open Hardware Directory.

The above crews maintain curated lists of such projects, from where you could pick related designs and ideas to build your own devices – without the need to pay royalties and with the added extra of having all the source code, drawing, etc. in a no-holds-barred way.

Open source hardwares are ranging from quadcopters to self-driving cars.

While it might not be the present day, but once small companies and / or small countries embark on cutting costs via using open-source hardware designs… they will be more than able to deliver user-friendly devices.

Which is very good news, after all.



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