Facebook Sez: Gimme All Your Body!

We are trough a bumpy road with Facebook’s ethical standards when it comes to the privacy of its Users, with the Cambridge Analytica affair (where 87 million people had their personal information improperly given out by Facebook to Cambridge Analytica) being the one sounding the loudest. We are in the know now, that they used our behavioural data and the content we used to like or read to mount customized campaigns by compiling data, building datasets, training Machine Learning on these datasets and finally fed these patterns into an AI of sorts.

Surely, there are not one of us who could be surprised to hear that these data travelled en masse to Russia as well, in the wake of the POTUS election hybrid media warfare that is going on in the US since the elections.

All in all, there is a reasonable suspicion arising when we are confronted by the news, that Facebook started a project to combat revenge porn – by asking Users to send them their pictures of their naked body.

Got it?

OK, the official line is that they gonna hash it and create a 3D body image that will store the specs of your body. In turn they gonna block attempts of someone else to upload pictures of your body. Facebook is apparently selling the idea as a great way of combatting ‘image-based abuse’ and cyberbullying.

This in theory sounds like a good idea. But what if these data will be ‘exchanged’ with or… khm… ‘improperly obtained’ by third parties you never wanted to share the silhouettes of your body with?

And why should such a thing happen? Because that is a VERY lucrative filed, that’s why. Read here how much it is.







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