They could identify You, using a maximum of 3 steps.

Just a friendly reminder, that it appears from a myriad of sources, that most countries Worldwide adopted some kind of an agreement or format or protocol to routinely identify individuals using three easy steps.

  1. You are using a widely used online application and for registration you are required to provide a valid email address. This email addy goes for the corporation operating the online app.
  2. For validation of your registration to the above, you have to receive and send an SMS from a mobile device. To do this, You have to have a working SIM-card. To purchase one, You have to present state-issued ID.  This info goes to the database of the telco company.
  3. And the state stores all relevant data about you, so it’s  the maximum-length of the chain of events to ID you .

While probably there are quicker ID or track capabilities in both direct and circumvented ways, yet seemingly these are the “absolute minimum co-operation rules” that are transcending state – civil – corporate and intelligence – military lines aswell. You can find plenty of examples, it works everywhere and with all real-time online platforms.



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