Fake faces ’21: where are we at?

Image by Peter Pieras from Pixabay

Deepfakes were all the hype five years ago. Now the phenomenon has an entire library in itself, counting both the layman and the academic ends of it. There are even serious anti-deepfake initiatives, successful attempts at pushing vendors out of business and many, many news articles about the dangers of… well of a flood of faked celebrity nudes.

Okay, it ain’t the whole truth, for there were some equally serious suggestions of what-ifs concerning some faked politicians starting the nuke war. Thank God the hotlines between those capitals of the World are actually neither video, nor voice-based, this should be the reason why the Earth is still in one piece.

But on a more serious note, what are the capbilities of contemporary deepfakes? I wrote an article three years ago for the Medium.com in which I played with the idea how to spoofing facial recognition using deepfakes. And now I wanted to revisit the capabilities of said AI applications. In my noble quest I searched for the term “deepfake 2021” on the YT and see what I’ve got:


So, what is my point? That some outlets should at least wake up and raise the alarm. Which they did:

So, at least the word is out…

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