The Two Classes of Machines of the Future

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(I wrote this article for the PREDICT/Medium in 2018)

In the coming future there will be two classes of machines. One class will be the “Androids”, that are machines with a human face and the “Cyborgs”, that are humans using machines to enhance their abilities. The main difference between the two is that human will be the subject of the Androids — but the human will be the commander of the “Cyborgs”.

Thus the question facing humanity is to be the subject of machine activities, or to be their commander.

The reason why only these two types of machines will exist is because of the human behaviour and the general way in which technology travels.

The technology allows for more and more integration of the devices and it is happening accross the board. The smart mobile is actually almost everything. It obviously replaced dozens of devices, if not more.

Now the new buzzword is Artificial Intelligence, which — if not used to analyse your data in a basement — could interact with you, and it will interact with you more and more.

The human behavour is quite understandable: to enjoy everything technology could bring. And it brings you content, entertainment, games and even a life partner. The latter, which is basically an anatomic human body made of proper materials with a skeleton frame and some embedded computer with an OS and some sensors plus some heat and voice emitter output. If the AI will be personalized — and it will be, then it is only natural that it will use the same voice on all devices. So if you have a personalized AI, you can have everything to live your life alone perfectly — its not a moral judgement, but a fact that will be the cause of a total shake-up of the world as we know it.

It is because no enjoyment comes free. When you’re a baby, AI could control the baby breathing monitor /alarm, for a subscription. When You’re a kid, there are all those cute videos, for a subscription. And so on. So, you are having a lifetime subscription. Which one of the youngsters of today will not have a lifetime subscription?

And since the AI is served by the network servers, which are supplemented by AI software agents trained on your data — it will always know what is good for you. And the sooner they could control your sexual desires, the more sure that you ain’t gonna change service provider.

Service Provider for life!

Some will not like it like this. And they will not reject the technology, oh no. They will want to control it. Those with a sense of privacy will like to control it. (And they will be able to control it, as long as they seek the Truly Autonomous Machine concept.)

That part of the future, which would tell what hardships are in front of us, is not known.

But there are predictions and none of them tell about a shiny future anywhere.

So, is there a war today without semi-autonomous armed drones? But what are these? Accessible network-enabled machines? Or are they truly autonomous machines… ?

The expression ‘Intelligence’ is what we talk about. Whichever Intelligence we are talking about, it is something living in the future.

Traditional intelligence agencies are all about predicting the near future and concurrently about recording object values, checking events, phenomenons and processes in a near-real time fashion. If so, the money is well spent if it is focusing on real value for the buck, which means unaccessible data and an unhindered and focused prediction capability. And that is what you get if you build a Truly Autonomous Machine. If you don’t then there will be data breaches and lost capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence is also optimized to recognize future patterns, so a single occurence in time could lead the AI to predict what will be your next value of which nature. But this AI is the same AI that could provide guidance for a ship, a plane or a car. And to build a Truly Autonomous Machine (TAM) equates to use the resources better, since the resources couldn’t be more optimally used — since a TAM only does what the Commander says.

No more fragmentation in worktime:)

But I could imagine a self-driving car that is a Cyborg in the near future. I don’t think that the automotive industry will be happy with hackable cars for too long anyways.

Of course I could also imagine a flock of non-autonomous network-enabled machine (NANEM) cars, so that the nearest is coming and taking me to where I need to go. I pay with my Service Provider-supplied card for the ride and all is good.

But it won’t take you anywhere if you don’t have a card.

The card which is issued by the Service Provider.

So, don’t forget to pay your bills in the future

Some countries will realize that some public services are are actually way cheaper to operate, than what they cost now. Some will realize that there are overcomputerized systems which at the end of the day couldn’t provide more than the results needed.

And some countries will decide to maintain more of the same for the same. And those countries will have an edge. That’s for sure.

And this is also where the “Androids” and the “Cyborgs” will have a battlefront.

There are not enough IT specialists we read, but what an IT specialist is doing anyway?

The IT specialist is patching up.

Patching this and patching that. Everything needs patching and you are either involved in writing patches or applying them.

Some will say, its no future.

Some will come home and build Cyborgs for the people, and some will stay patching the Service Provider up.

Whatever happens, this is the future and you are right on time.

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