The longdawn rules

The longdawn rules are a simple set of rules that can be implemented on any site, regardless of the platform. These could be automated, yet still allow for easy manual moderation without any software implementation.

The longdawn rules allow for professionals and laymen alike to intelligently discuss topics and to benefit from getting to know lots of viewpoints and aspects.

For this reason the discussion must not be reactive to comments of others.

All comments must be started with the following words: “In my opinion“.

Reacting to the posts of others is strictly forbidden. If You disagree with a certain opinion, simply write yours and let everyone decide which opinion they will accept.

If you totally disagree with something you just read do this: start your sentence with the words “In my opinion it should be THIS instead of THAT“.

The longdawn rules do not allow disputes or trolling.

Whenever You state something that You treat as a fact, do not forget to include links to multiple sources.

Hatemongering of any kind and writing about anyone in a tone of contempt is out of question.

Needless to say that spamming and other malicious attepts are not welcomed either.

And that’s it!

You can use the longdawn rules on your site, blog, channel, etc. for free and for your convenience to combat trolling, hatemongering and any attempts to drag you and your community down.

… and if you give credit you can even copy the rules “as they are”.


Andras Korvin

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