The longdawn conceptual framework

The longdawn (the commercial engine is also known as NEW COMPENDiUM) conceptual framework  is a stand-alone and all-encompassing human and technological framework with the aim to create truly autonomous machines, including a unique hardware architecture,  a comprehensive operating system, an artificial intelligence based on the cumulative human wisdom and a real quantum computing ability.

longdawn is a conceptual framework of a possible human and technological course of the future. It has a distinct vision about what is yet to come, what technological trends will be intensified in this common future, what will be the means of human survival and it forecasts a clash of technologies.

Since the subject of research and development is under the conditions of an unknown future, its approach is based on philosophy and art as well as science, – but it is factual and completely serious.

It has been developed by Mr. Korvin AG since 2001 and in 2018 the general parts of the conceptual framework had been released to the public, and the know-how is available under a one-by-one consideration.

Mr. Korvin AG retains sole rights of some related practical implementation and application know-how.

In practice, longdawn, being a conceptual framework, deals with three aspects:

  • The prospects of the human’s disunity with and perhaps even battle against the machine,
  • The vast differences between autonomous and networked computers,
  • And developing the operating principles of truly autonomous machines.

longdawn’s focus is on developing the operating principles of truly autonomous machines in the following ways:

  • Developing working hypotheses by taking the technological and social processes into account,
  • Developing a proof of concept of a future ultra-high level operating system for truly autonomous machines,
  • Examine the possibility of the implementation of such an operating system for truly autonomous machines.

Practical activity consists of development of the operating system, its extensions and plugins, and implemetation experiments.

And here is the OFFICIAL FRAMEWORK INTRO for a lot more details.


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