Our secret cult

Our so-so-so secret cult is easy to comprehend:

Our cult teaches that the cyberspace is in fact a triad – that of the hardware, the software and the human.

Our cult dictates that it is pretty much part of the natural world and therefore the same elements could be observed:

The FLORA in the cyberpace is the hardware that represents the base layer of life. Just like the Flora you can observe anywhere it is mostly unable to move on its own, but without it, other forms of life are unthinkable.

The FAUNA represents the amazing variety of software living off the Flora, that range from just a few lines of code to the most complex software suites. And like the Fauna, they may be able to live independently as well as to undertake disciplined, man-directed work.

The HUMANS? Well, man plays the same role in cyberspace as in other segments of nature: he directs and shapes his environment along his own and community interests and goals.

The ‘@’ symbol represents all the data that is created as a trace of Human interactions, content creation and the existence of Flora and Fauna.

And what about the ‘ALL-SEEING EYE’? This should’ve been a representation of some kind of a deity… but it is not. It is rather the god-like the quality by which, just as with God, a higher power knows of every step we take and can one day hold us accountable for our actions.

And that is (well, almost) all about our s-e-c-r-e-t cult.

Feel like you seen this symbol somewhere…? Perhaps you are familiar with the Freerz Community decades back… which was and still is essentially the same people who we are today 🙂


–> If you would like to be a cult follower, drop us a line via e-mail to get involved.

Don’t you want to see some artwork?
Wouldn’t you like to see some artwork?




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